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Best of ITS Rural Awards

Best of Rural ITS & Lifetime
Achievement Awards

Rural Style.


The Best of ITS Rural Awards 

The Best of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) RURAL Awards is the only program in the world that recognizes the best and brightest of the rural ITS community.  Winning entries are featured in the Opening Session the National Rural ITS Conference.   They will also be featured, when schedule allows, at ITS America’s National Meeting.  This is a unique opportunity to be recognized in front of Rural ITS industry professionals.  The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2016.


Best ITS Rural Award Form


If I have questions about the awards, who should I talk to?
Traci Ulberg, Meetings Northwest, at 406-273-2774 or 866-633-8110.


Lifetime Achievement Awards 

Do you want to nominate someone for the Rural ITS Lifetime Achievement Award?  Nominations are open to individuals who have spent a minimum of 15 years making significant ongoing contributions in the United States to the development and understanding of the unique challenges of rural travel and the application of ITS to address those challenges. The individuals may either be professional or avocational supporters.  The deadline for submitting nominations is July 15, 2016.  Click here for the nomination form and criteria.


Rural ITS Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form




Past Best of ITS (Rural) Project Awards



Best New Innovative Practice  UDOT Citizen Reporter Program (project presentation)



Best New Innovative Practice – Winter Performance Measures, Idaho Transportation Department



Best New Innovative Product, Service or Application – Western States Rural Transportation Technology Implementers Forum (project presentation)

Best New Innovative Practice (subcategory of Partnership Deployment: Government–to-Government) – Enterprise: Developing Consistency in ITS Safety Solutions: Intersection Conflict Warning Systems (project presentation)



Best New Innovative Product, Service or Application

Co-winners –

Mississippi Department of Transportation’s Video Migration: Improving Rural Travel Information through Innovative & Green Technologies (project presentation)

Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc/Network Transportation Technologies, LLC: Intersection Warning System (project presentation)



Best New Innovative Product, Service or Application – California Department of Transportation’s Responder System (project presentation)

Best New Innovative Practice (subcategory of Partnership Deployment: Government–to-Government) – North/West Passage Pooled Fund (project presentation)

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