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Call for Abstracts is closed!

Invitation to Submit an Abstract.
The 2016 National Rural ITS Conference Planning committee would like to invite you to submit an abstract for presentation at the conference in Chattanooga, TN.   All abstracts must be received by Friday, February 5, 2016 and authors should take care to ensure that abstracts submitted follow the guidelines. Questions can be directed to Meetings Northwest at 866-633-8110.


TOP 10 Abstract Topics

Abstracts are encouraged to fall into one of the following topic areas related to Rural ITS, but abstracts outside these areas will also be considered:

1.  ATIS: What are people using to get their traffic information?

– Social Media and traffic service providers
– State initiatives for 511 and ATIS
– Accuracy and Availability – ATIS in rural communities

2.  ITS Funding: Going Forward

– ITS Procurement initiatives
– Public/Private partnerships
– Private industry in ITS projects

3.  Data: Collection and Management

– How are states using & accessing their data
– Policies for Big Data
– Big Data in rural areas

4.  V2V and V2I: Challenges and Needs

– Connected Vehicle Architectures
– System Engineering for Connected Vehicles
– V2V and V2I – challenges in rural communities

5.  Traffic Incident Management

– Advanced TIM initiatives
– Incident Management in Rural Settings
– Overcoming TIM Challenges

6.  Performance Monitoring and Measurements

– Performance Measure Data Collection
– Applying Policies for PM
– Performance Management in Maintenance Activities

7.  Multi-Agency Collaboration in ITS projects

– Rural and Urban ITS – who is doing what?
– Rural ITS project implementation
– Exploring ITS O&M in state and local applications

8.  Transportation Modes in the Rural Community

– Data dissemination and programs
– Expansion of Transit services
– Integration of various modes into ATMS

9.  ITS Safety Initiatives

– Rural ITS for Safety
– Roadway Weather Information System dissemination

10.  Smart Work Zone Management

– Applications
– Lessons Learned
– Use of systems by O&M agencies

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