Come to learn about creative ITS implementation solutions for your community. Public and private transportation, transit, tourism, enforcement, freight industry, public safety and medical service professionals engaged in the operations, maintenance, and use of our transportation system should attend the National Rural ITS and ITS Arizona Annual Conference + Exhibit. Elected and appointed officials, business and community leaders and emergency responders and public safety personnel will contribute to the rich dialogue while learning about the technical challenges facing the transportation community.

The National Rural ITS and ITS Arizona Annual Conference + Exhibit provides a many ways to engage and learn including one-on-one interaction during question and answer periods in technical sessions, the information shared by leaders in transportation and the application of ITS, and deep dives on a specific topic through workshops. Make sure to take advantage of the ability to speak with vendors displaying the latest products, services, and technologies in the exhibit hall and the “get out experience” technical tours to maximize your experience.