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ITS Tennessee,

bettering the roads we share.


The 2016 NRITS Conference is brought to you by the ITS Tennessee Chapter in conjunction with the ITS Tennessee Technical Symposium.


Discounts for Current ITS Tennessee Members

If you are current member of ITS Tennessee, you receive a $65 discount to NRITS 2016!


ITS Tennessee’s Mission

The mission of ITS Tennessee is to promote cooperation and foster a statewide public, private, and academic partnership to make the urban and rural surface transportation system in Tennessee safer, more effective, and more efficient by accelerating the identification, development, integration, and deployment of advanced technologies.


ITS Tennessee’s Goal

We believe that ITS is a valuable tool for improved management of any transportation system, regardless of the inherent complexity of the system. ITS can help operate, manage, and maintain the system once it has been constructed.


We believe that ITS should be systematically incorporated into the earliest stages of project development, especially into the planning and design of transportation projects. We believe the best way to achieve this is through a coordinated, comprehensive program to “get the word out” on ITS to constituencies that might not otherwise consider the relevance of ITS to their transportation system.


Towards achieving this goal, we have adopted the following objectives:

  1. Develop a broader ITS constituency;
  2. Educate policy makers (legislators, administrators, elected officials, planning commissions, etc.) on the benefits of ITS;
  3. Educate our members of national directions and ITS technologies; and
  4. Provide forums to share and coordinate ITS Tennessee member missions and experiences.


Join ITS Tennessee

ITS Tennessee membership is open to any public agency, private company, academic organization, professional association, or other group with an interest in ITS. We invite you to become a member of ITS Tennessee. Annual dues are $100 per year for organizations with any number of employees and $10 per year for students. Organizational Membership provides access for all your employees.


Individual memberships will only be available in special instances where potential members cannot join within an organization. These memberships must be approved by ITS Tennessee Board of Directors.

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