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2016 National Rural ITS Conference – ITS Connect (October 2-5, 2016) 
Hosted by the ITS Tennessee Chapter in Chattanooga, TN.

2016 Presentations (Listed by course, chronologically)

NRITS 2016 Program

Opening Session


PCB Workshop (Connected Vehicle Track)
Connected Vehicle 102:  Applications and Planning for Implementation


ITS Tennessee Track
City of Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) Tour


Safety Track
S1:  Roadway Safety Initiatives

Abby Smith, Castle Rock Associates
What Storms May Come….Integrating predictive weather information into public traveler information systems

Lynne Randolph, Southwest Research Institute
Detecting Wrong Way Drivers

Brad Waldschmidt, Kimley-Horn
Monteagle ITS – The Design

General Track
G1:  Data Collection and Management – Applications and Lessons Learned

Mark Gallagher, SRF Consulting
Going Open – Challenges and Successes in Deploying Open Source Transportation Management Software

Tony Leingang, Washington State Department of Transportation
WSDOT/JBLM Bluetooth Enhanced Traveler Information


Safety Track
Monteagle ITS Project Tour


ITS Tennessee Track
TN1:  Unmanned Aerial Systems Applications for Transportation Agency Needs

Said ElSaid, Tennessee Department of Transportation (ElSaid Presentation)

Robert (Chris) Milles, AECOM


General Track
G2:  ATIS – Tools for Your Agency (and the Public)

Abby Smith, Castle Rock Associates
Wazing 511: How we integrated WAZE Connected Citizen Partnership (CCP) data into four state 511 systems

Mark Kopko, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Mary Farrell, Information Logistics
Planning 511 Traveler Services for Extraordinary Events – Lessons from Pennsylvania’s Papal Visit

Steve Albert, Western Transportation Institute
The North/West Passage OTIIS Project: Launch, Progress, Usage and Lessons Learned


ITS Tennessee Track
TN2:  ITS State or the State of Tennessee

Brad Freeze, Tennessee Department of Transportation (Freeze Presentation)

Bill Staniszewski, Tennessee Department of Transportation IT (Staniszewski Presentation)

Rob Benshoof, Tennessee Department of Trnasportation (Benshoof Presentation 1 & Benshoof Presentation 2)


General Track
G3:  Smart Work Zones

Tim Simodyne, Iowa Department of Transportation
Iowa’s Traffic Critical Projects Program: From Innovation to Expected

Josh Van Jura, Utah Department of Transportation
Portable Variable Speed Limits in Work Zones

Nikola Ivanov, University of Maryland CATT
Using Probe Vehicle Data to Improve Work Zone Safety and Mobility


Connected Vehicle Track
CV1:  Connected Vehicle – Getting Started with V2V and V2I on Rural Highways

Cliff Heise, Iteris, Inc.
Moving Forward with Connected Vehicle Technologies

Radha Neelakantan, ITS America
ITS America Gap Analysis


Safety Track
S2:  Multi-Agency Collaborations in Incident Response

Brent Isenberg, Skyline Technology Solutions
Video Sharing by TDOT and other DOTs – Faster, Safer Incident Response

Pat Gallagher, Parsons
Rural Incident Management and Best Practices

Gary Ogletree, Tennessee Department of Transportation
State and Local Agency Open Roads MOUs in Tennessee


ITS Tennessee Track
TN3:  Tennessee Smart Cities Proposal

Peter Westerholm, Nashville Area MPO (Westerholm Presentation)

Stephen Edwards, City of Memphis (Edwards Presentation)

Lillian Bruce, Electric Power Board Chattanooga & Melody Shekri (Bruce Presentation)


General Track
G4:  CATT Tools – Can Urban Tools be Applied in Rural Settings?

Michael Pack, University of Maryland CATT

Greg Jordan, University of Maryland CATT

Nikola Ivanov, University of Maryland CATT


Connected Vehicle Track
CV2: Minimum vs. Optimal Infrastructure Support for V2I – How are rural infrastructure needs different than urban?

Robert Bertini, Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida


Safety Track
S3:  Innovative Projects that Impact Safety while Maximizing Funding

Ronald Hall, Kansas Department of Transportation
Low Cost Rural Roadway Cameras in Kansas

Nathan Vatter, Tennessee Department of Transportation
Innovative Safety Projects that Maximize Funding

Lynne Randolph, Southwest Research Institute
Integrating Weather and Traffic Management 


ITS Tennessee Track
TN4:  Rural ITS Deployments in Tennessee

Andy Padgett, Tennessee Department of Transportation (available upon request)

Rob Benshoof, Tennessee Department of Transportation (Benshoof Presentation)


General Track
G5:  Vendor Technology – How is technology performing in the field?

John Mueller, ADDCO
The Field Performance Advantages of the BRICK Modular

Eric Cottone, Boschung America
A Look at Automated Anti-Icing Systems

LeAnn Holler, Daktronics
Sharpening the ITS Image

Stokes Wallace, Iteris
Vantage Vector® Hybrid

Martin Maners, MG Squared
ITS Maintenance – Lowering Downtime, Raising Performance

Jim Duke, Multilink
Who Keeps Your Electronics Cooler

Joshua Schultz, Quality Counts, LLC
BlueMAC:  Short and Long Term Solutions

Mike Granger, Street Smart Rental
Smart Work Zone’s – Today and Tomorrow

Melanie Scott, Vaisala
Observations for a Better World

Kim Taylor Sessoms, Wireless Technology, Inc.
idewinder H.264 PTZ Camera


Connected Vehicle Track
CV3:  Reliable & Cost Effective Communication Options for V2I

Stelios Patsoikas, Sirius XM Radio
Using Satellite-DSRC Platform to Accelerate Rural V2V-V2I Deployment

Meredith Cebelak, Grerham Smith & Partners
Information Propagation and Big Data Techniques in Connected Vehicle Environment


ITS Tennessee Track
TN5:  Truck Parking Technologies – Studies & Deployments

Sabyasachee Mishra, PhD, University of Memphis (Mishra Presentation)

Larry Simmons, Parsons (Simmons Presentation)

David Krauss, Gannett Fleming (Krause Presentation)

Jeffrey Short, American Transportation Research Institute (Short Presentation)


General Track
G6:  Rule Making (MAP-21 & the FAST Act)

Nick Renna, FHWA Tennessee

Connected Vehicle Track
CV4:  V2V and V2I Deployment in Rural States

Fred Kitchener, McFarland Management, LLC
Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot Demonstration – Phase I Results

Ira Pray, Idaho National Laboratory
INL and ITD Findings for Connected Vehicles: The View from Here


ITS Tennessee Track
SMART Park Pilot/I-75 Fog Detection & Warning System TOUR


General Track
G7:  Performance Monitoring – Collecting Analyzing and Reporting Data

Matt Zinn, Eberle Design, Inc.
Collecting Data and Monitoring Cabinets at Remote Intersections

Nikola Ivanov, University of Maryland CATT
Map-21 Visual Analytics to Support Performance Reporting

Tony Ernest, Idaho Transportation Department
Winter Performance Management Practices in the North/West Passage States


Connected Vehicle Track
CV5:  Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Initiatives in Tennessee

Jan-Mou (James) Li, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Li Presentation)

Cody Behles, FedEx Research Institute of Technology (Behles Presentation)

Asad Khattak, PhD, The University of Tennessee

Subhadeep Chakraborty, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

2015 National Rural ITS Conference – Elevate ITS (August 9-12, 2015) 
Hosted by the ITS Rocky Mountain Chapter in Snowbird, UT.

2015 Presentations (Listed by course, chronologically)

2015 Program

RM1: Workforce Development Needs in the West

Workforce Development Needs in the West, Kevin Chang, University of Idaho

Technology & the Transportation Workforce, Susan Gallagher, Montana State University- Bozeman


S1: Work Zone ITS – Maximizing Project Returns

Smarter Work Zones – An FHWA Every Day Counts Initiative, Paul Pisano, FHWA

Deployment of Intelligent Work Zone Systems in Iowa, Tim Simodynes, Iowa Department of Transportation

Work Zone ITS – The Next Step, Joseph Jeffrey, Road-Tech Safety Services, Inc.


A1: 511 – Where have we been and where are we going?

511:  Have Reports of its Death Been Greatly Exaggerated?, Stacy Unholz, IBI Group

Strategic Planning for UDOT’s 511 Traveler Information Phone Line, Lisa Miller, Utah Department of Transportation

511 PA Case Study – Transitioning to Next Generation 511, Mary Farrell, Information Logistics


A2: ITS Procurement: Part 1-3, Richard (Rick) Denney, FHWA (no presentation available at this time)


RM2: Continued Improvement in Rural Weather Operations

Rural Weather Operations, Jeff Williams & Lisa Miller, Utah Department of Transportation

WYDOT’s Road Condition Reporting App for Maintenance Employees, Vince Garcia, Ali Ragan & Trenton Rawlinson, Wyoming Department of Transportation

Wyoming WRTM Project Evaluation Results, Fred Kitchener, McFarland Management, LLC


S2: Continued Development of Incident Management Tools

System for Multi-Modal Incident Information Sharing and Collaboration, Rueben Juster & Michael Pack, University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transportation Technology

FirstNet:  Public Safety Broadband to Enhance Emergency Response on Rural Roads, Kevin McGinnis, First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet)

Rural Incident Management, Robert Dowell & Brent Beach, Utah Department of Transportation (no presentation available at this time)


B1: Using Partnerships to Improve Traveler Information

511 for Traffic and Transit – Partnership in Traveler Information, Larry Baldwin, IBI Group

Expansion of the Western States One Stop Shop for Rural Traveler Information, Doug Galarus, Western Transportation Institute


RM3: More than Raw Data – Using Performance Measures to Direct System Improvements

Automated Freeway Performance Measures, Kelly Burns, Utah Department of Transportation

Traffic Signal Performance Measures, Mark Taylor, Utah Department of Transportation

Arterial Performance Management, Stanley Young, Traffic, Inc. 


S3: Variable Speed Limits in Action

TxDOT Variable Speed Limits Using Weather, Construction and Traffic Data, Lynne Randolph, Southwest Research Institute

Using Variable Speed Limits to Improve Safety, Brian Christensen, Horrocks Engineers & Glenn Blackwelder, Utah Department of Transportation (no presentation available at this time)

Automated Variable Speeds in Rural and Urban Environments in Oregon, Josh Crain, DKS Associates


C1: Improvements to Traveler Information Systems & Data

How Minnesota is Innovating 511, Abby Smith, Castle Rock Associates

South Dakota’s Weather-Responsive Travel Information, Pat Brueggeman, South Dakota Department of Transportation

Data Quality Aggregation and Dissemination of DOT Traveler Information:  Best Practices, Doug Galarus, Western Transportation Institute


RM4: Asset Management – Tools to Manage Your Technology

Actionable Data – Collect, Organize and Analyze, Stan Burns, Utah Department of Transportation

CADD Solution to Fiber Mapping and Record, Acey Roberts, Mississippi Department of Transportation (no presentation available at this time)


S4: Intersection Safety Tools: Next Steps in Standards Development and the Latest in Technology Evaluations

Challenges for the Future of Rural Intersection Conflict Warning, Scott Petersen, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.

Investigating the Newest Detection Technologies to Improve Safety and Operations at Rural High-Speed Signalized Intersections, Dan Middleton, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Detection Control System (D-CS), Dan Middleton, Texas A&M Transportation Institute & Wei Zhang, FHWA Turner Fairbanks Research Center


D1: Helping the Public Make Informed Travel Decisions

Agency Practices for Low-Visibility Detection and Communication, Leann Koon, Western Transportation Institute
Road Weather Decision Support, Paul Pisano, FHWA
WYDOT’s Efforts to Help the Public Make Informed Travel Decisions, Vince Garcia & Ali Ragan, Wyoming Department of Transportation


D2: Connected Vehicle

Connected Vehicle Data on a Rural Variable Speed Limit Corridor, Rhonda Young, University of Wyoming (no presentation available at this time)

Connected Vehicles in a Rural Landscape, Blaine Leonard, Utah Department of Transportation (no presentation available at this time)

The Vehicle-2-Infrastructure Deployment Coalition (V21 DC), Bill Legg, Washington State Department of Transportation

Truck Parking Project, Elise Feldpausch, Michigan Department of Transportation 


RM5: Partnerships that Expand the Reach of ITS

Using Public/Private Partnerships to Expand the Reach of ITS, Brian Christensen, Horrocks Engineers (no presentation available at this time)

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), David Gertman & Scott Wold, Idaho National Laboratory (no presentation available at this time)

Working Together to Enhance Coordination Across State Borders, Bill Legg, Washington State Department of Transportation


E1: RWIS: Learning from the Past, Moving to the Future

MDOT Statewide RWIS Evaluation, Yousuf Taufiq, Parsons Brinkerhoff & Elise Feldpausch, Michigan Department of Transportation

The Acceptance and Assessment of MDSS, Ben Hershey, Iteris & Dave Huft, South Dakota Department of Transportation

Ice Detection and Warning System, Scott Peterson, SRF Consulting & Eric Cottone, Boshung America


E2: Agency Innovation – Maximizing Resources in Your Program

Evaluating the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Transportation Purposes, Steve Cook, Michigan Department of Transportation

Low Cost Roadway Cameras in Kansas, Ron Hall, Kansas Department of Transportation

Building Weigh-in-Motion Systems Cheap, Taek Kwon, University of Minnesota Duluth


RM6: Traffic Operations Tools

Using Crowdsourced Data to Support TMC Operations, Jeffrey Adler, Q-Free Open Roads

Cloud Based Traffic Management System, Stephen Mathew & Glenn Massarano, Siemens, ITS


F1/G1: Vendor Session – Cutting Edge Technology for Your Needs (no presentations available at this time)

ITS Innovation for Span-Wired Signalized Intersections, John Shearer, Iteris

IP Video Cameras, Curtis Duplack, CohuHD

RCM500NT – RWIS RPU, Eric Cottone, Boschung America

Wavetronix for Vehicle Detection and Counts, Tim Janes, Advanced Traffic Products

Acyclica Congestion Management System, Steve Mager, Kar-Gor

Remote Streaming Solutions, David Studdert, Live View Technologies

CS125 Visibility/Present Weather, John Markham, Cambell Scientific
iRWIS (RWS 200, Road DSS including app), Rose Mooney, Vaisala

Solar Power Integration into Dynamic Message Signs, Mike McKay, SES America 

ADDCO Brick, John Mueller, ADDCO


F2: ITS and CV Informal Gap Analysis from Stakeholders, Adam Hopps and Patrick Son, ITS America (no presentation available at this time)


2014 National Rural ITS Conference – ITS in the Heartland (August 24-27, 2014) 
Hosted by the ITS Heartland Chapter in Branson MO.

2014 Presentations (Listed Alphabetically)

  • A New Option for ATIS: Hands-Free, Eyes-Free, Highway Advisory Smart Phone Application (presentation)
  • A Perspective of Rural Connected Vehicle (presentation)
  • Advanced Traveler Information Systems for Freight (presentation)
  • Arterial/Freeway Management Coordination at Ozarks Traffic in Springfield (presentation)
  • Alternative to Traditional Highway Advisory Radio (presentation not available)
  • AVL/GPS Use for Winter Maintenance (presentation)
  • Business Models for Advanced Transportation Information Systems (presentation)
  • Creating a Nationwide Network for Public Safety (presentation)
  • Critical Freight Detour Pass System (presentation)
  • Design and Deployment of Intelligent Work Zone Systems in Iowa (presentation)
  • Design and Deployment of Intersection Conflict Warning Systems in Iowa (presentation)
  • Designing with Maintenance in Mind – Minnesota’s Rural Intersection Conflict Warning System (RICWS) (presentation)
  • Developing Local Roadway Safety Plans for Missouri Counties (presentation)
  • Development of a New Rural Intersection Conflict Warning System: Alert Project (presentation)
  • Development of a Virtual TMC Guidebook (presentation)
  • Emergency Vehicle Operator On-Board Device Distractions (presentation)
  • Evaluation Framework for Work Zone Intelligent Transportation Systems (presentation)
  • Easy and Quick Deployment of Automated Queue Warning Systems Understanding the Potential Benefits of Video Analytics to Support Traffic Data Collection (abstract)
  • Freeway Diversions onto Arterials (presentation)
  • Fiber Optic Sharing in Oklahoma: Connecting State, Education and Oklahoma DOT Facilities (presentation not available)
  • Heterogeneous Data Integration for Operations and Travel Information Sharing (presentation)
  • I-235 Ramp Metering in Des Moines, Iowa (presentation)
  • Innovative Partnerships in Kansas (presentation)
  • Integrating RWIS, Incident, and Speed/Volume Data for a Complete Situational Awareness Picture (presentation)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Standards Development – Kansas Department of Transportation (presentation)
  • ITS Professional Capacity Building Program: Building the Future Transportation Workforce (presentation)
  • Model Systems Engineering and Warrant for Intersection Conflict Warning Systems (presentation)
  • Managing Performance of a Work Zone Using Probe Data (presentation)
  • MDSS Pooled FUnd Study Update (presentation)
  • Motorist Assist – National Trends (presentation)
  • Myriad Urban & Rural Uses of Bluetooth-Derived Travel Times (presentation)
  • Nebraska Department of Roads ITS Updates (presentation)
  • North/West Passage Collaboration for Rural TMC Operations (presentation)
  • Organized Chain-Up: Bringing Order to Chaos (presentation)
  • Organizing for Reliability – apability Maturity Assessment (presentation)
  • Probe Data for Arterial Performance Measures (presentation)
  • Profesional Capacity Building (PCB) for Communications (presentation)
  • Progress of the North-West Passage MCOM OTIIS Project (presentation)
  • Real Time Customer Service (presentation)
  • Real-World Problems, Real-World Answers: Probe Data Analytics in Action (presentation not available)
  • Regional Arterial Management: Kansas City Style (presentation)
  • Relationship of Winter Road Weather Monitoring to Crash Rates (presentation)
  • Social Media and the Traveler’s Role in Rural Advanced Traveler Information (presentation not availble)
  • South Dakota Weather-Responsive Traffic Management System (presentation)
  • Success Stories – MoDot Traveler Information Mobile Application (presentation)
  • The Dallas Integrated Corridor Management System (ICMS) (presentation)
  • The Impacts of Performarnce Measures Methodologies on Meaning and Interpretation (presentation)
  • Timely Detection of Wrong Way Drivers (presentation)
  • Tools Used for Performance Measurement Reporting: RITIS (presentation)
  • Traffic Operations and ITS (presentation)
  • Treeversity2 – Making Sense of Tree Structured Transportation Data (no presentation available)
  • Use of Performance Measurement Reporting and How to Apply to Improve ITS Operations (presentation)
  • Understanding the Potential for Video Analytics to Support Traffic Management & Operations (presentation)
  • USDOT Citizen Reporting Program – One report can help thousands of drivers. Getting good quality data from volunteer reporters on rural routes. (presentations)
  • USDOT ITS Transit Workshop: Part A (presentation)
  • USDOT ITS Transit Workshop: Part B (presentation)
  • USDOT ITS Transit Workshop: Part C (presentation)
  • Using ITS Knowledge Resources: Benefits, Costs and Lessons Learned for Decision Making (presentation)
  • Using ITS to Improve Sfety at Rural High-Speed Intersections (presentation)
  • Using NPMRDS: Lessons Learned (presentation)
  • Using Probe Data for Winter Storm Operational Awareness and Performance Measures (presentation)
  • Using Transportation Data to Answer Questions We didn’t Know Existed (no presentation available)
  • Valuing Your Sponsorship Program (presentation)
  • Wisconsin Winter Roads System, Management Interface Redesign (presentation)

2013 National Rural ITS Conference (August 25-28, 2013) 
Hosted by the ITS Minnesota Chapter in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

2013 Presentations (Listed Alphabetically)

  • Alternative Transportation Finance Program (presentation not available)
  • Augmented Speed Enforcement (presentation)
  • Automated Queue Warning Systems or Easily Deployed & Cost Effective ITS for Short Term Maintenance Operations (no presentation available)
  • Best Practices of Emergency Rerouting for Michigan DOT (presentation)
  • California’s SHSP: Success through Collaboration (presentation)
  • CrashHelp, Minnesota Testing of a Mobile Rural Crash EMS Solution (presentation)
  • Data Isn’t Information and Real-Time Isn’t Fast Enough (presentation)
  • Develop Rural ITS Site Selection Procedure and Identify Vehicle Detection Technologies for Improving Motorcycle VMT Estimates (presentation)
  • Develop Stand-Alone Vehicle Detection System for Remote Areas (presentation)
  • Development of Solar Power Solutions for ITS (presentation)
  • Development of Weather Responsive Traffic Management Strategies (presentation)
  • Emergency Rapid Response for Demand Response Transportation Systems (presentation)
  • Enhanced Red Light Enforcement System Testing for Traffic Safety (abstract) (presentation)
  • Enhanced Transmit Operations and Travel Experience in Connected Vehicle Environment (presentation)
  • Expanding Citizen Traveler Information Reporting (abstract) (presentation)
  • Experience with Rural Wildlife Detection and Warning Systems (presentation)
  • Field Element Data Quality Control from the Perspective of Data Redistribution (abstract) (presentation)
  • (The) Future of Transit is Here: Remote Operation of Vehicles by Qualified Operators (Better Drivers) Makes Transit on Demand a Reality (no presentation available)
  • Future Trends in Management Software for ITS Devices (presentation not available)
  • Good Clouds and Bad Clouds: Iowa’s 511 Success with Cloud-Hosted Servers During the 2012 Blizzard (abstract) (presentation)
  • Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition (presentation)
  • If We had Coordinated, We Would Have Saved – Analyzing Empirical Human Service Transportation Data From Two Rural Communities (presentation)
  • (The) Implementation of Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS): The MnDOT Story (presentation)
  • Improving Safety on Local and Rural Roads Using Technology (abstract) (presentation)
  • ITS Asset Viewer (presentation)
  • ITS Applications on Rural Highways (presentation)
  • ITS Planning and Implementation on Rural Freeway Corridors (presentation)
  • Intelligent Roadway Information System (IRIS) (presentation)
  • “I want weather data”…Performance-based Contracting for Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS): Current Initiatives and Discussion of New Performance-Based Business Approaches (presentations)
  • Lessons Learned: Working Together to Obtain Travel TImes in Work Zones (no presentation available)
  • LPR Technolog for Transportation Safety and Security (abstract) (presentation)
  • Maintenance and Operations Management: Are We Thinking Strategically Overview (presentation)
  • Minnesota SHIP Funding Plan (presentation)
  • MN3: ITS – Not Just for Freeways (presentation)
  • MnPass (presentation)
  • Motorcoach, Rural Roads, EMS & Infrastructure Assessmnet Tools (abstract) (presentation)
  • Multistate Operations Coalitons Work Zone Collaboration (no presentation available)
  • Next Generation Incident Command System (presentation)
  • Opening – Sue Groth, Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety and Technology (presentation)
  • Opening – Tom Sorel, AAA (presentation)
  • Opening – Tom Kern, ITS America (presentation)
  • Operations and Travel Information Integration Sharing (OTIIS) Project: North/West Passage Pooled Fund (presentation)
  • Potential for Automation for Road Condition Reporting Services (presentation)
  • R.E.S.C.U.M.E. Applications (presentation)
  • Rural Interstate Closure Gates: State of the Practice 2013 (presentation)
  • Smart Cities and Integrated Corridors: From Automation to Optimization (presentation)
  • Speed and Crash Reduction of Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs on Rural Curves (abstract) (presentation)
  • Transportation Advisory Council Recommendations (presentation)
  • Transportation Decision Support Technology for Network-wide Optimization (presentation)
  • Transportation Management – 2025 and Beyond (presentation)
  • Travel Times: I-94 Clearwater to St.Loud – Unbonded Concrete Project (presentation)
  • Travel Times: I-35 Between Hinckley and Duluth, Minnesota (presentation)
  • Travel Times (Peter Kirkelis – presentation)
  • Travel Times: I-94 St. Cloud Intelligent Work Zone Data Collection and Evaluation (presentation)
  • Truck Rollover Warning System (abstract) (presentation)
  • Using Social Media as a Source of Weather Intelligence in ITS (presentation)
  • Use and Impacts of Camera Image Displays as a Source of Traveler Information (abstract) (presentation)
  • (The) Utah Citizen Report Program (abstract) (presentation)
  • Utilization of Bluetooth Technology for Rural Intercity Travel Times and to Collect External Travel Movements Data for Travel (presentation)
  • Virginia’s Active Traffic & Safety Management System (abstract) (presentation)
  • Weather and Incident Data – Pulling it all Together (presentation)
  • Winter Maintenance Performance Measures (presentation)
  • Work Zone Accident Reduction Deployment (WZARD) (no presentation available)

2012 National Rural ITS Conference (September 17-19, 2012) 
Hosted by the Gulf Region ITS Chapter in Biloxi, Mississippi

2012 Presentations (Listed Alphabetically)

  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Control (presentation unavailable)
    The Alabama Experience (presentation)
  • Adaptive Signal Control, Is It Right for My Agency? (presentation)
  • Augmented Speed Enforcement (aSE) Smart Drums (sDrums) from a Technical Perspective, Part 2 – Deploymen(abstract) (presentation)
  • Connected Vehicle Dynamic Mobility Applications for INFLO (abstract) (presentation)
  • Developing Consistency in ITS Safety Solutions – Intersection Conflict Warning Systems Phase 2 (abstract) (presentation)
  • Development of Travel Time for Rural Interstate During Construction on I-35 (abstract(presentation)
  • Estimated Economic Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on Transportation Systems in Mississippi (abstract) (presentation)
  • Evaluation of a Truck Priority System (abstract) (presentation)
  • Fiber Optic Stimulus Project + Rural ITS Tools = Benefits for the North Georgia Mountains (abstract) (presentation)
  • Implementing Urgency and Probability of Injury Algorithms (CARS-Mayday) (abstract) (presentation)
  • Implosion Exposition:
    Using ITS to Facilitate Temporary Traffic Control Management (presentation)
  • Incident Detection and Data Collection (presentation)
  • Innovative Maintenance Strategies to Improve ITS Financing Capabilities (presentation)
  • Intelligent Work Zones
    – Traffic Management Plans (TMP) (presentation)
  • ITS Technologies for CVO Efficiency (presentation)
  • Managing Oversize/Overweight Load Movements in Texas (abstract) (presentation)
  • Mississippi River Bridges ITS Tiger III Project Incident Management, Freight Management and Security Project (abstract) (presentation)
  • Moving Forward with New Technologies (presentation)
  • Multi-agency Coordination for Direct Storm Management with Limited Resources (abstract) (presentation)
  • Next Generation Mobility Management in Connected Vehicle Environment (abstract) (presentation)
  • Responding to Natural Disasters – Lessons Learned (presentation)
  • Road Condition Signs – Automation (abstract) (presentation)
  • Road Weather Management Best Practices Library, Version 3.0 (abstract) (presentation)
  • Rural Applications of Adaptive Traffic Signal Control (abstract) (presentation)
  • Smart Work Zones… the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for Work Zone traffic management (presentation)
  • Strategies and Outlook for ITS Financing (presentation)
  • T2 Analytics (presentation)
  • The Next Era of Traveler Information (abstract) (presentation)
  • The WSRTC – An Implementers Pooled Fund to Tackle the Challenges of Rural ITS (abstract) (presentation)
  • Use of Mobile Sensors and Maintenance Decision Support for Automated Road Condition Reporting (abstract) (presentation)
  • Use of RWIS for Rural Transportation Operations: Bringing Maintenance Operations Together in a Rural Setting (abstract) (presentation)
  • Wavetronix Smart Sensor Matrix (presentation)
  • Wireless Networks to Communicate with ITS Devices (presentation)
  • Work Zone Accident Reduction Deployment (abstract) (presentation)

2011 National Rural ITS Conference (August 28-31, 2011) 
Hosted by the ITS Rocky Mountain Chapter in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

2011 Presentations (Listed Alphabetically)

  • A Proposed Driver Assistance System in Adverse Weather Conditions (abstract) (presentation)
  • A Real-Time Weather Response System (abstract) (presentation)
  • Affordable Traveler Information Systems (abstract) (presentation not available)
  • Augmented Speed Enforcement: Safety Cones from a Technical Perspective (presentation not currently available)
  • Blue Toad for MAC Address reading for Travel Times (abstract) (presentation not currently available)
  • Bringing Vital CVO Information to San Diego and Imperial Counties’ Truckers (abstract) (presentation)
  • CARS-Mayday: Improving Crash Response Times in Rural Areas (abstract) (presentation not currently available)
  • Clarus Regional Demonstrations (presentation not currently available)
  • Connected Vehicles Barbara Wendling, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc. (presentation)
  • Connected Vehicles Chris Hill, Mixon & Hill (presentation)
  • Connected Vehicles Rick McDonough NYDOT Commercial Vehicle ITS Director (presentation)
  • Connected Vehicles Tao Zhang, Telecordia (presentation not available)
  • Cooperative Transportation Systems (Connected Vehicle) Pooled Fund Study Bill Legg, Washington State Department of Transportation (presentation)
  • Cooperative Transportation Systems (Connected Vehicle) Pooled Fund Study Melissa Lance, Virginia Department of Transportation (presentation)
  • Cooperative Transportation Systems (Connected Vehicle) Pooled Fund Study Rick McDonough, New York Department of Transportation Commercial Vehicle ITS Director (presentation)
  • Cost Effective Implmentation of the New Real-Time System Management Information Program (RTSMIP, formerly known as Section 1201) (abstract) (presentation)
  • Cost Effective Implmentation of the New Real-Time System Management Information Program (RTSMIP, formerly known as Section 1201) (abstract) (presentation)
  • Defining and Quantifying Rural Congestion (abstract) (presentation)
  • Development of Mexico’s National ITS Strategic Plan (abstract) (presentation)
  • Development of Radar Speed Sign Warrants (abstract) (presentation)
  • Dispelling the Myths of Self-Funding Systems (presentation not available)
  • Emerging Technologies: Combine schedule and real-time information with passenger preferences to customize information services offered to passengers. (abstract) (presentation not available)
  • Enhancing and Expanding Citizen Assisted Reporting (abstract) (presentation)
  • Enterprise Snapshot: Developing Consistency in ITS Safety Solutions – Intersection Warning Systems (presentation)
  • Evaluating the USDOT Rural Safety Initiatives Program (RSIP) – Evaluation Approach and Preliminary Lessons Learned (presentation)
  • Expanding ITS Deployment on Wisconsin Corridors (presentation)
  • Good to Great Incident Management (presentation not currently available)
  • I-80 Winter Operations Coalition Advances Multi-State Operations Strategies (abstract) (presentation)
  • Idaho Port-of-Entry Ramp Monitoring (abstract) (presentation)
  • Improvements in Wildlife Detection and Warning Systems (abstract) (presentation)
  • INRIX Data in Work Zones A Case Study on I-35 in Minnesota (abstract) (presentation not currently available)
  • Integrating Paratransit Services into a Regular Service Schedule (abstract) (presentation not currently available)
  • Integration of Aviation Weather Information Systems with Roadside Weather Information Systems for Rural Air FIelds and Heliports (abstract) (presentation)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems in National Parks & DOI Public Lands (abstract) (presentation)
  • Investigation into the Usage of Bluetooth Signals for Roadway Speed Calculations (abstract) (presentation not currently available)
  • ITS for Reducing Truck Overturn Crashes Due to High Winds at Bordeaux, Wyoming (abstract) (presentation)
  • I-way: Idaho’s One-Stop Shop (abstract) (presentation)
  • Knowing What You Need to Know, and Making Sure They Hear It (abstract) (presentation)
  • Latest Technologies in Mobile Data Collection for Winter Road Maintenance (abstract) (presentation)
  • Leddar tm: 3D Detection Technology for enhanced Mobility (abstract) (presentation not currently available)
  • Linx: A Case Study of Rural ITS Technology Development (abstract) (presentation)
  • Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS): Beyond Winter Maintenance (abstract) (presentation)
  • Minnesota’s Experience with Deer Warning Systems (abstract) (presentation)
  • Modes-Update: A Shared GTFS Editor for Rural Transit Providers (abstract) (presentation)
  • NG911 What’s Next Forum (presentation)
  • NG911 What’s Next Project Report Dia Gainor, Chair, Transportation Safety Advancement Group, Executive Director, National Association of State EMS Officials (presentation)
  • Orlando, FL TMCC Phased Implementation – building up ITS capabilities one step at a time (presentation)
  • Personalized 511 Services (abstract) (presentation)
  • Practical Traffic Incident Management (abstract) (presentation)
  • PUSH 511 (abstract) (presentation)
  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons: pedestrian safety improved (abstract) (presentation not available)
  • Response, Emergency Staging and Communications, Uniform Management and Evacuation (R.E.S.C.U.M.E.), An Overview and Status Update (presentation)
  • Revenue Generation through 511 for Rural States: (abstract) (presentation)
  • Rural Connected Vehicles in Eastern Idaho (abstract) (presentation)
  • Rural Two-Lane Highway Traffic Models: HCM 2010 and now CORSIM (presentation not available)
  • Solar Roadways (presentation)
  • Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center Tour (presentation)
  • State of the Art of ITS to Address Non-Signalized Rural Intersection Safety in Minnesota (abstract) (presentation)
  • Statewide Public Transit Technologies at Work in Idaho (abstract) (presentation)
  • Successful Deployments of ITS for Coordinated Community Transportation Services in Rural Areas (abstract) (presentation)
  • Technology Applications are Improving Operations for Idaho Transit Providers (abstract) (presentation)
  • The Economics of Free Traveler Information: Understandign the Value of What DOT’s Have to Sell and Who is Buying (presentation not available)
  • The Reliability of Two New Animal Detection Systems and Recommended REquirements for System Reliability (abstract) (presentation)
  • The Roadkill Observation Collection System: Development of an Integrated Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with a Global Positioning System (GPS) to Gather Standardized Information (abstract) (presentation)
  • The Special Challenges of Rural Transit & Implications for Connected Vehicles (presentation)
  • Traffic Incident Management Programs:State & Regional Foundations for National Success in Operations (presentation)
  • Traficon Video Detection (abstract) (presentation not currently available)
  • Transit Connected Vehicles for Rural Communities (abstract) (presentation)
  • Transit Panel – Where do we go from here? Fred Kitchener, McFarland Management (presentation)
  • Transit Panel – Where do we go from here? Yehuda Gross, ITS JPO, USDOT (presentation)
  • USDOT Update: United We Ride (UWR) and Mobility Services for All Americans (MSAA) Initiatives (presentation)
  • Use of Bluetooth Technology in Traffic Data Collection and Management in a Rural Setting: Case Studies in Portage & Tomah (abstract) (presentation)
  • Using Commercial GPS Data to Quantify Truck Performance on Rural Roads (abstract) (presentation)
  • Using Designated Routes to Keep Oversize/Overweight Freight Moving in Texas (abstract) (presentation)
  • Using Google Maps for Transit Information in a Rural 511 System (San Bernardino and Riverside Counties) (abstract) (presentation)
  • Using Visualization Tool to Learn About Traffic Signal Timing (abstract) (presentation)
  • Virtual Weigh Station Technology Best Practices (abstract) (presentation)
  • Wavetronix SmartSensors Utilizing Digital Wave Radar for accurate Counts, Speeds, Sizes of Vehicles. (abstract) (presentation)
  • Weather and the Connected Vehicle (abstract) (presentation)
  • Winter Road Condition Mobile Data Collection System (presentation)
  • WSDOT, North Central Region Smart Snowplow Project (abstract) (presentation)


2010 National Rural ITS Conference (August 1-4, 2010) 
Hosted by the Nick J. Rahall II Appalachian Transportation Institute in Huntington, West Virginia


2009 National Rural ITS Conference (August 23-27, 2009) 
Hosted by the Oregon Chapter of ITS America in Seaside, Oregon


2008 National Rural ITS Conference (September 3-5, 2008) 
Hosted by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities in Anchorage, Alaska


2007 National Rural ITS Conference (October 7-10, 2007) 
Hosted by the Michigan Department of Transportation and ITS Michigan Chapter in Traverse City, Michigan


2006 National Rural ITS Conference (August 13-16, 2006) 
Hosted by the ITS Rocky Mountain Chapter and the Western Transportation Institute in Big Sky, Montana


2005 National Rural ITS Conference 
Hosted by the Washington Department of Transportation in Spokane, Washington 
Proceedings (not available)


2004 National Rural ITS Conference (August 22-25, 2004) 
Hosted by ITS Minnesota in Duluth, Minnesota


2003 National Rural ITS Conference 
Palm Harbor, Florida


2002 National Rural ITS Conference 
Monterey, California


2001 National Rural ITS Conference (called the Rural Advanced Transportation and Technology Systems Conference) 
Berlington, Vermont


2000 RATTS Conference 
Branson, Missouri


1999 RATTS Conference 
Flagstaff, Arizona


1998 RATTS Conference 
State College, Pennsylvania


1997 RATTS Conference 
Big Sky, Montana


1996 Rural ITS Conference 
Duluth, Minnesota


1995 Rural ITS Conference 
Spokane, Washington


1994 Rural ITS Conference 
Blacksburg, Virginia


1993 Rural ITS Conference 
Keystone, Colorado


1992 Rural ITS Conference 
Redding, California

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