2016 Chattanooga, TN

2016 National Rural ITS Conference – ITS Connect

October 2-5, 2016
Hosted by the ITS Tennessee Chapter in Chattanooga, TN

Opening Session

PCB Workshop (Connected Vehicle Track)
Connected Vehicle 102: Applications and Planning for Implementation

ITS Tennessee Track
City of Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) Tour

Safety Track
S1: Roadway Safety Initiatives
Abby Smith, Castle Rock Associates
What Storms May Come….Integrating predictive weather information into public traveler information systems

Lynne Randolph, Southwest Research Institute
Detecting Wrong Way Drivers

Brad Waldschmidt, Kimley-Horn
Monteagle ITS – The Design (unavailable)

General Track
G1: Data Collection and Management – Applications and Lessons Learned
Mark Gallagher, SRF Consulting
Going Open – Challenges and Successes in Deploying Open Source Transportation Management Software

Tony Leingang, Washington State Department of Transportation
WSDOT/JBLM Bluetooth Enhanced Traveler Information

Safety Track
Monteagle ITS Project Tour

ITS Tennessee Track
TN1: Unmanned Aerial Systems Applications for Transportation Agency Needs
Said ElSaid, Tennessee Department of Transportation (ElSaid Presentation)
Robert (Chris) Milles, AECOM

General Track
G2: ATIS – Tools for Your Agency (and the Public)
Abby Smith, Castle Rock Associates
Wazing 511: How we integrated WAZE Connected Citizen Partnership (CCP) data into four state 511 systems

Mark Kopko, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Mary Farrell, Information Logistics
Planning 511 Traveler Services for Extraordinary Events – Lessons from Pennsylvania’s Papal Visit

Steve Albert, Western Transportation Institute
The North/West Passage OTIIS Project: Launch, Progress, Usage and Lessons Learned

ITS Tennessee Track
TN2: ITS State or the State of Tennessee
Brad Freeze, Tennessee Department of Transportation (Freeze Presentation)

Bill Staniszewski, Tennessee Department of Transportation IT (Staniszewski Presentation)

Rob Benshoof, Tennessee Department of Transportation (Benshoof Presentation 1 & Benshoof Presentation 2)

General Track
G3: Smart Work Zones
Tim Simodyne, Iowa Department of Transportation
Iowa’s Traffic Critical Projects Program: From Innovation to Expected

Josh Van Jura, Utah Department of Transportation
Portable Variable Speed Limits in Work Zones

Nikola Ivanov, University of Maryland CATT
Using Probe Vehicle Data to Improve Work Zone Safety and Mobility

Connected Vehicle Track
CV1: Connected Vehicle – Getting Started with V2V and V2I on Rural Highways
Cliff Heise, Iteris, Inc.
Moving Forward with Connected Vehicle Technologies

Radha Neelakantan, ITS America
ITS America Gap Analysis

Safety Track
S2: Multi-Agency Collaborations in Incident Response
Brent Isenberg, Skyline Technology Solutions
Video Sharing by TDOT and other DOTs – Faster, Safer Incident Response

Pat Gallagher, Parsons
Rural Incident Management and Best Practices

Gary Ogletree, Tennessee Department of Transportation
State and Local Agency Open Roads MOUs in Tennessee

ITS Tennessee Track
TN3: Tennessee Smart Cities Proposal
Peter Westerholm, Nashville Area MPO (Westerholm Presentation)

Stephen Edwards, City of Memphis (Edwards Presentation)

Lillian Bruce, Electric Power Board Chattanooga & Melody Shekri (Bruce Presentation)

General Track
G4: CATT Tools – Can Urban Tools be Applied in Rural Settings?
Michael Pack, University of Maryland CATT

Greg Jordan, University of Maryland CATT

Nikola Ivanov, University of Maryland CATT

Connected Vehicle Track
CV2: Minimum vs. Optimal Infrastructure Support for V2I – How are rural infrastructure needs different than urban?
Robert Bertini, Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida

Safety Track
S3: Innovative Projects that Impact Safety while Maximizing Funding
Ronald Hall, Kansas Department of Transportation
Low Cost Rural Roadway Cameras in Kansas

Nathan Vatter, Tennessee Department of Transportation
Innovative Safety Projects that Maximize Funding

Lynne Randolph, Southwest Research Institute
Integrating Weather and Traffic Management

ITS Tennessee Track
TN4: Rural ITS Deployments in Tennessee
Andy Padgett, Tennessee Department of Transportation (available upon request)

Rob Benshoof, Tennessee Department of Transportation (Benshoof Presentation)

General Track
G5: Vendor Technology – How is technology performing in the field?
John Mueller, ADDCO
The Field Performance Advantages of the BRICK Modular

Eric Cottone, Boschung America
A Look at Automated Anti-Icing Systems

LeAnn Holler, Daktronics
Sharpening the ITS Image

Stokes Wallace, Iteris
Vantage Vector® Hybrid

Martin Maners, MG Squared
ITS Maintenance – Lowering Downtime, Raising Performance

Jim Duke, Multilink
Who Keeps Your Electronics Cooler

Joshua Schultz, Quality Counts, LLC
BlueMAC: Short and Long Term Solutions

Mike Granger, Street Smart Rental
Smart Work Zone’s – Today and Tomorrow

Melanie Scott, Vaisala
Observations for a Better World

Kim Taylor Sessoms, Wireless Technology, Inc.
idewinder H.264 PTZ Camera

Connected Vehicle Track
CV3: Reliable & Cost Effective Communication Options for V2I
Stelios Patsoikas, Sirius XM Radio
Using Satellite-DSRC Platform to Accelerate Rural V2V-V2I Deployment

Meredith Cebelak, Grerham Smith & Partners
Information Propagation and Big Data Techniques in Connected Vehicle Environment

ITS Tennessee Track
TN5: Truck Parking Technologies – Studies & Deployments
Sabyasachee Mishra, PhD, University of Memphis (Mishra Presentation)

Larry Simmons, Parsons (Simmons Presentation)

David Krauss, Gannett Fleming (Krause Presentation)

Jeffrey Short, American Transportation Research Institute (Short Presentation)

General Track
G6: Rule Making (MAP-21 & the FAST Act)
Nick Renna, FHWA Tennessee

Connected Vehicle Track
CV4: V2V and V2I Deployment in Rural States
Fred Kitchener, McFarland Management, LLC
Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot Demonstration – Phase I Results

Ira Pray, Idaho National Laboratory
INL and ITD Findings for Connected Vehicles: The View from Here

ITS Tennessee Track
SMART Park Pilot/I-75 Fog Detection & Warning System TOUR

General Track
G7: Performance Monitoring – Collecting Analyzing and Reporting Data
Matt Zinn, Eberle Design, Inc.
Collecting Data and Monitoring Cabinets at Remote Intersections

Nikola Ivanov, University of Maryland CATT
Map-21 Visual Analytics to Support Performance Reporting

Tony Ernest, Idaho Transportation Department
Winter Performance Management Practices in the North/West Passage States

Connected Vehicle Track
CV5: Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Initiatives in Tennessee
Jan-Mou (James) Li, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Li Presentation)

Cody Behles, FedEx Research Institute of Technology (Behles Presentation)

Asad Khattak, PhD, The University of Tennessee

Subhadeep Chakraborty, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

* Presentation files are no longer available. If you are interested archive content from the 2016 conference, please contact Douglas Noble (dnoble@ite.org)